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"Pillow" Programme 6 nights

A healthy life through healthy sleep
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The strength and amount of energy each person has depends strongly on the ability of their body to recover during sleep. A lack of sleep is the root cause of many of the mental and physical stresses we encounter, defined by the fast pace of our modern lives. Sleep disorders can be dangerous to our hearts, our lungs and our nervous system. Thus, the core of this wellness programme is healthy sleep and how to realise it.

We have created a unique programme that uses traditional diagnostic methods and includes treatment through macrobiotics, acupressure, phytotherapy, and many other techniques. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of your sleep.


  • 1 x Basic laboratory testing
  • 2 x Consultation with our doctor at the beginning and end of the programme
  • 2 x SECA, BMI and BMA analysis – with our nutritionist (begining and follow up)
  • 1 x Dietary analysis – with our nutritionist
  • 1 x Diet plan – 7 days if requested
  • 2 x life coaching sessions
  • 1 x Ayurvedic coshas treatments
  • 2 x holistic Ayurveda or TCM Spa treatment
  • Chromatherapy bed available daily for active relaxation
  • 5 x Cryotherapy 1-3 min at -140°C for sleep disorders
  • 3 x Yoga exercises with “relaxation for better sleep”
  • Daily group fitness & breathing exercises – to encourage relaxation and positive thinking
  • 3 x 30 min vibration therapy – encourages healing and relaxation
  • 5 x aromatic baths with local healing oils from Island of Lošinj
  • 1 x relaxation massage
  • 1 x detox body scrub
  • Specially produced local teas will be available daily – made with local healing plants that encourage relaxation.

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