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Weight Loss, Detox & Health Programme 6 nights

Love your body again and again!
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Breathe in the fresh air of Lošinj and exercise with us. Learn everything about proper diet and dietary habits. The island of vitality is the right place to get results.

Personalised, scientific programme is based on finding a unique approach just for you – not just for a week, but for your entire life. The aim is to adopt a healthy lifestyle based on food that satisfies both your body and your palate. In addition to diet, our approach accents the importance of developing balanced fitness routines to keep you fit and maintain high energy levels.

Our Spa Clinic weight loss programme at the Bellevue Hotel on Mali Lošinj is just what your body needs.

Before taking part in this programme, when appropriate, the experts will suggest an advanced analysis. It can be carried out in the hotel or in your home, depending on the type. It may be a gluten sensitivity analysis, or even genetic testing. The point is to find functional information that can be used to construct your personalised diet plan.

During the Bellevue Hotel weight loss programme, surrounded by your peers and with the professional guidance of the staff, you will feel comfortable right off the bat. You will receive consultation from the wellness experts so an appropriate strategy can be planned to reach your healthy weight. You will be encouraged to use everything the Spa Clinic has to offer – from yoga classes for spiritual peace and meditation classes, to our exciting CrossFit course and a large selection of excellent massages.

A healthy diet can help maintain a strong immune system and appropriate body weight, as well as reduce the risk of chronic non-infectious diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular and circulatory system, and various types of cancer. Through exercise, your metabolism will improve and your body will become toned.


  • Initial medical examination with our MD and basic blood tests
  • 5 x meals a day – water, tea, and detox drinks will be available at the spa centre
  • 2 x SEC mBCA – in-depth analysis of your body composition, as well as SECA BMI and BMA measurement (once at the beginning and once at the end of the programme)
  • 1 x Workshop on healthy food and cooking
  • 1 x Personalised diet plan – 4 weeks
  • 3 x «Breakfast with a nutritionist» – learn how to choose the right food
  • 2 x Life coaching sessions – the focus will be on encouraging a more active lifestyle
  • 1 x Workshop on establishing healthy habits through diet
  • Personalised spa treatments – 2 hours daily
  • Daily exercise and swimming – 2 hours daily
  • Daily outdoor exercise with a trainer – 2 hours daily (includes hiking, running, cycling, etc.)
  • Daily guided warm and cold experience treatments in the sauna – 1 hour a day
  • Up to 5 x Cryotherapy sessions – 1 - 3 min at -140°C (during one treatment, individuals can lose between 600 and 1,200 calories) as per the doctor’s recommendation
  • 5 x EXEMIA – weight loss and toning treatment
  • Dermoaesthetic consultation and advice on non-invasive aesthetic treatments for weight loss and toning

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