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Morbus Parkinson diagnostics and therapy

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Diagnostic and therapy of Morbus Parkinson has been a major focus at Confraternität Privatklinik Josefstadt since 1990. Many innovative approaches in the treatment of Parkinson have been developed in Vienna, including the gold standard of symptomatic treatment with Levodopa.
The research center of our neurologic department participates in latest development. In 2012 a vaccination has been applied in men for the first time and is being tested exclusively at Confraternität. Apart from the clinical research, the team of Dr. Dieter Volc is successfully applying its enormous experience in diagnostics and treatment of Parkinson disease and related movement disorders.


  • hospital inpatient stay in double room (approx. 2 days)
  • laboratory tests
  • medicines/Infusion
  • doctors‘ fees

Additional examinations (if required):

  • MRI
  • x-ray/ultrasound diagnostics
  • isotope diagnosticx (DAT-SPECT Isotopix)

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