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The competence and coordination center for individual health solutions

Airport: Vienna 19 km
Train station: 2,7 km


Wollzeile 1, 1010 Vienna | +43 1 9974207

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Situated in the centre of Vienna, close to St. Stephen's Cathedral. Private atmosphere on 550 sqm with state of the art medical equipment


The staff at medical center will take care of your personal needs, problems and goals thanks to their core competencies pain, metabolism, stress and sport. The services range from expert advice to functional check-ups and targeted health plans for prevention, regeneration or rehabilitation. The individual set of measures in each health plan is coordinated by team of doctors according to the holistic healthPi concept and implemented at healthPi by a selected team of experts. The goal is your prompt regeneration, better quality of life and long-term preservation of your performance.
To ensure that your trip to Vienna is a successful experience, the team of doctors will put together tailor-made check-up packages as well as outpatient rehabilitation programs that are developed to meet your specific needs and offer you second opinions. All appointments are individually arranged and take place in the Medical Center in the Vienna city centre. 

  • Selected physicians for expert advice or a second opinion
  • Tailor-made check-up packages for accurate early detection in the areas of pain, metabolism, stress and sport
  • Goal-oriented health plans for prevention and outpatient rehabilitation in the areas of spine, arthrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, sports injuries, orthopedic surgery, early rehabilitation after surgery or inpatient stay, cancer or side effects of oncological therapies, burn-out, diabetes mellitus, obesity

Added value healthPi
The main goal is to help people improve their health life. With the focus on pain, metabolism, stress and sport, there is a three-stage approach: the right expert for your needs, the right medical examination package for your current state of health and the best plan for achieving your goals

Selected competence
  • The multimodal healthPi concept combines physical activity, treatments, behavioural modulation and nutrition to alleviate, build or maintain your state of health
  • Health experts (doctors, therapists and coaches) work together in a coordinated team
  • Holistic approach combining innovative and traditional health measures
  • Initial examination and personal follow-up check of your health plan by a coordinated team of doctors

Outstanding service quality
  • One-stop service: all appointments (examinations, treatments, consultations) in one place: Vienna City Center
  • Cooperation with selected experts and institutions from an own network with short distances in the 1st district of Vienna
  • Individual and flexible offer based on your personal expectations and needsSend your request for a personal offer:

Spoken languages

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