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Orthopedic surgery

from €9,962 per person/package
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Döbling Private Hospital offers a longstanding experience of experts in surgical orthopedics and trauma surgery. The patients have an access to a range of specialists from pain therapy to a full reconstruction, all under one roof. Standardised operations and individually personalised follow-up care improve clients‘ successful recovery. 

 Orthopedic clinic specialises in:

  • diagnosis and treatment of ailments of the entire mobility apparatus, sports injuries, and stress-related disorders. The goal is to restore a proper functioning after sports injury and to prevent long-term and delayed consequences thanks to timely intervention
  • diagnosis and treatment of problems with the knees, shoulders, hip joints or back resulting from an injury or an inflammation
  • artificial knee and hip replacements
  • arthroscopy, treatment of cruciate ligament or meniscus injuries, knee pain due to malalignment
  • center for Minimally-Invasive Hip Surgery – many of hip operations can be conducted arthroscopically, much to the benefit of patients
  • treatment of prolapsed disks
  • physiotherapeutic consultations and treatment
  • osteitis center. Inflammatory bone infections are the most difficult problems to treat
  • cartilage regeneration & orthobiology - improve the healing of damaged tissues. Focus is particularly placed on regeneration of cartilage, improving bone healing, and hastening the healing of muscle and ligament injuries. Treatment plan is based on the latest scientific knowledge and most up-to-date facilities.Hip replacement: €25,486

 Knee replacement: €26,816
 Hip arthroscopy: €9,962
 Herniated disc surgery: €19,786

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Executive check - examination program
modules can be combined accoridng to patient's needs   
Birth in Döbling private hospital
The department of obstetrics of the private clinic Doebling is one of the most popular maternity hospitals in Austria. Women will appreciate the high quality of medical care, combined with gracious care and hotel-style comfort. Safety of mother and newborn is in the spotlight, so the gynecologist-surgeon, anaesthetist and paediatrician are always at their disposal.
Baby-check plus

Early detaction of hereditary diseases in newborns

Pediatric examination kids care

The Children‘s Health Center „Döbling“ offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

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