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Re-Spiro Junior Express/ Light/ Max

Pulmonary conditional training for children aged 5 – 18 years for 7/ 14/ 21 days
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Pulmonary rehabilitation on Lošinj is based on scientifically founded clinical and diagnostic methods that are combined with natural healing factors and the healing aerosol of island Lošinj, all in accordance with centuries-old medical tradition on Lošinj. The pulmonary rehabilitation programme  is designed for participants with mild obstructive breathing disorders, and has been developed in cooperation with Croatian Respiratory Association and Srebrnjak Children's Hospital in Zagreb.

The weeklong Re-Spiro Junior Express contains all the essential elements of a three-week pulmonary rehabilitation programme. The goal of Re-Spiro pulmonary rehabilitation is reduction of symptoms and improvement of life quality in people with lung problems, and the seven-day Re-Spiro Junior Express programme is designed for children with less breathing difficulty.

Re-Spiro Junior Express programme is designed for:

  • Children with asthma or chronic bronchitis
  • Children who live in big cities and are chronically exposed to a high concentration of smog
  • Children who are exposed to inhalation of fumes, vapours, dust and toxic gases or study and live in polluted areas and are therefore in greater risk of pulmonary disease
  • Children with dyspnoea, those who are of a sedentary type, individuals who don't tolerate strain and therefore suffer a shortness of breath during everyday activities
  • Children with a lack of physical activity
  • Children who are often ill
  • Children with rhinosinusitis

Expected benefits of the programme are:

  • Reduction of disease symptoms, particularly the level of dyspnoea
  • Improvement of life quality
  • Improved handling of physical activity in everyday life
  • Enabling of independence and a feeling of good general condition
  • Improved sense of disease control
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Reduction in hospitalisation rates because the deterioration of disease and hospitalization are less common


  • When the programme reservation request such, it is necessary to send medical documentation, so the medical specialist will be able to confirm the appropriateness of the Re-Spiro Junior Express /Light/Max programme according to client's diagnosis and health condition, and after this, the reservation can be confirmed.
  • The most suitable period for pulmonary rehabilitation is during spring or autumn, while during summer months rehabilitation is not performed. Spring season in 2019 lasts to 01 June 2019, and autumn from 14 September 2019.
  • Rehabilitation includes two to three hours of exercise per day (one session in the morning and one in the afternoon)
  • Exercising is carried out in groups, and the optimum number of participants is 8 to 15 people
  • With frequent and longer participation in the programme health benefit increases (the optimal participation period is 6 weeks). Participants are recommended to continue with the exercises after returning home.


  • Cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension and heart diseases (cardiomyopathy, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, heart valve diseases and congenital abnormalities of the heart)
  • Infectious respiratory diseases and other infectious diseases (chronic or acute)
  • Possible acute or exacerbation of pulmonary diseases that requires hospitalisation
  • Neuromuscular diseases that prevent the implementation of the rehabilitation programme


  • Fitness and group exercise programmes at extra cost according to price list are also available
  • Training Programme is a group, but there is no minimum number of children that must be included in the programme
  • Guests can come and start the programme any day of the week
  • The programme is conducted in Croatian or English


  • 2 x Medical examinations - blood pressure measurement, weighing, spirometry, oximetry, electrocardiogram, interview, clinical evaluation and comparison of the results from the beginning and the end of your stay
  • 10/ 21/ 34 x exercises with a therapist - relaxation exercises, strength exercises, breathing exercises (60 min)
  • 1/ 2/ 2 x nutritional counselling sessions

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