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Cure your pains on the island of vitality. With its mild Mediterranean climate and combination of sea aerosols and pine forest, Lošinj is the ideal place to find spiritual and bodily peace. This itself will make your treatment easier. Pain is something we all experience throughout our lives. Aside from physical suffering, pain can lead to a cycle of insomnia, anxiety, depression, reduced mobility, and even disability. Chronic pain does not only affect the individual – it can affect their family and surroundings as well.

Bellevue Spa Clinic
The concept is based on daily choices such as a regular diet, appropriate exercise, sufficient sleep and healthy habits, as well as the inclusion of new forms of therapy on the Croatian market.

The analgesic effects of cryotherapy are tied with three specific changes in the body. First, the transfer of nervous signals slows down. Reduced nervous signals to the brain can reduce pain in some individuals. Second, noradrenaline levels rise after cold bathing. This chemical, released by stress, reduces pain sensitivity as a bodily defence mechanism. Finally, cryotherapy reduces inflammation in bodily tissues, thus reducing the intensity and frequency of pain.

Arthritic joints, stiff shoulders, muscular injuries and other kinds of pain react positively to cryotherapy. After one to three minutes in our cutting-edge cryotherapy changer, you will experience a general reduction in pain and feel better.

Infusion therapy
Infusion therapy is based on the venous application of nutritious substances such as antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, immune stimulators and minerals. This procedure can be used to aid in the treatment of many medical conditions by raising levels of exhausted or lost nutritious substances.

An overall increase in effective dietary substances can be quite useful to you. It can help you feel stronger, healthier, calmer and more optimistic. The fact that infusions can be adjusted to suit each client has made them quickly gain popularity as a tool for long-term health improvement.

Vibration therapy
The goal behind ancient Tibetan vibration therapy for pain control is to attempt to mitigate physiological and mental reactions to pain.

In vibration therapy, the stimulation of muscle spindles and alpha motor neurons causes muscular contractions and increased electromyographic activity. Increases in oxygen use, muscle temperature and blood flow in the skin are directly proportional to the frequency of vibrations.

Trigger Point therapy - MRF
Myofascial therapy (also known as myofascial release therapy and myofascial trigger point therapy) is a treatment for myofascial pain syndrome, which can be described as chronic muscle pain that is stronger in particular parts of the body (trigger points). The treatment consists of controlled, low-load stretching to relieve pain.

Myofascial therapy focuses on relaxing muscle tension and stiffness. This therapy is used for many conditions and symptoms, such as loss of flexibility, loss of skeletal and muscular function after an injury, constant pain in the back, shoulders and hips, and nearly any soft tissue bodily pain. Other symptoms treated with myofascial therapy include: temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), and in some cases, fibromyalgia and migraines.

Ayurvedic pain treatment
As opposed to modern medicine, Ayurveda has been a part of the lives of people in India for centuries. Today, many Western countries have finally accepted Ayurveda as a natural, holistic treatment for pain. The focus is on treating the patient's mind, body, and – most importantly – spirit.

Ayurveda and its natural processes have been appropriately called the Science of Life. In the world of Ayurveda, oil massage, also known as Snehana, is considered a very effective form of treatment for pain and many other disorders. Snehana helps reduce pain, stimulate vata and treat muscle and joint stiffness. It also mobilises toxins, increases circulation, and relaxes the entire body. This kind of treatment generates results thanks to various massage techniques, systematic relaxation, the use of herbal mixtures and improved diet.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) encompasses methods that help patients attain and maintain their overall health. We offer modern TCM therapeutic techniques, including acupuncture, moxibustion, Tui Na massage (acupressure massage), cupping / scraping therapy, Chinese herbal infusions, etc.

Modern medicinal and unique treatments
The comprehensive diagnostic abilities allow deep insight into the heart, lungs, thyroid, liver, stomach, intestines and pancreas. We can measure and estimate key risk factors, such as: blood lipids, blood sugar, blood pressure and tumour markers.

The experts will perform a thorough medical consultation upon your arrival and design a detailed treatment plan for you. They will analyse and personally prescribe a course of therapy suited to your needs. They will present various kinds of comprehensive plans, so your choice of treatment can suit your lifestyle.

Wellness products
The Spa Clinic offers affordable, personalised and holistic dietary supplements by German producer Herbal Nature. These products are rich in useful plants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids of the highest standard. These supplements can effectively help strengthen your metabolism, reduce your weight, reduce anxiety and insomnia, as well as strengthen your immune system.

Dietary support
Choosing a healthy diet can truly improve how you feel and the way your body functions.

Optimal levels of nutrients and vitamins are critical to your body's recovery, and the opposite is true as well – malnutrition prevents recovery. Our experienced nutritionist will lead you through the creation of healthy dietary choices and recommend dietary supplements that are good for your health.

The kinesiology experts will advise you on what types of exercises and activities are appropriate for your particular condition. These changes may simply include finding easier ways to do everyday tasks or adjusting your daily routine to reduce pain. High levels of pain may result in limited mobility and general muscular deterioration. Special consultation will help you regain function, strength, and improve the condition of problem areas.

Exercise also has emotional benefits – it releases endorphins, reduces cortisol levels, and increases levels of adrenaline and dopamine in the brain, all of which are helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.


The following components are included in the basic plan. The plan will be made to suit you after our doctors make an estimation of your overall health and your problem areas.
  • Initial medical examination (the doctor will determine your vital blood values)
  • Medical consultation and planning of your programme with our medical expert
  • Final medical examination after the end of our programme
  • 3 x Sea water physiotherapy
  • 2 x Nordic walking
  • 3 x Aromatic oil bath
  • 3 x MFR therapy
  • 5 x Cryotherapy chamber
  • 5 x 30 min Vibration therapy
  • 2 x Life coaching and pain control
  • 6 x Yoga with relaxation therapy
  • 1 x Total Ayurveda as recommended by our Ayurveda specialist
  • 1 x TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) as recommended by our TCM specialist
  • 1 x Group consultation on pain control diet
  • 1 x 30 min Relaxing massage
  • Patients will have constant access to the swimming pool, steam rooms and saunas
  • Daily exercise programmes

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