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Diet & Weight Loss 13 nights

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Weight loss and body shaping Vitality Weight Loss & Activity Holiday Programs are led by medical experts, nutritionists, body movement experts, physical therapists and SPA therapists.
  • 1x MD Specialist check-up + EKG, 50 min
  • 1x Body Composition Analysis SECA mBCA, 35 min. The medical Body Composition Analyser (mBCA) by Seca, breaks down you weight into components relevant to the practice of medicine. Namely, Fat Mass and Fat-Free Mass, Body Water (made up of extracellular water and intracellular water) and Skeletal Muscle Mass. Measurements are processed by six analytical modules and presented in easy-tounderstand graphics.
  • Health & Fitness assessment, 30 min
  • 4x Personal Training, 45 min. Personalized program for shaping and strengthening the body pet the client's choice
  • 3x Easy Hiking / Nordic walking, Group 60 min
  • 1x SAUNA PROGRAM - sauna ritual in the steam sauna
  • 1x Sea Salt Eco Body Scrub 25 min. Your therapist will gently rub pure sea salt mixed with organic olive oil and a few drops of cold pressed essential oil of your choice to soften, detox and moisturize the skin.
  • 10x Recharging beverages recommended by a nutritionist
  • 1x Velostyle Drainage Massage, 45 min. A relaxing stress-relief massage, which uses elements of lymphatic drainage (mild
  • pressure that loosens the muscles and increases flexibility).
  • 2x Stretching sessions in nature, 45 min
  • 3x Body Toning & Firming by Comfort Zone, 50 min. An anti-aging firming treatment for a perfectly toned body. You may choose a creamy mud wrap with re-mineralizing thermal waters, or a cocooning mask made with naturally elasticizing active ingredients to deeply renew the skin and promote collagen synthesis.
  • 6x INFRA RED SAUNA, 15 min
  • 1x Follow up SECA measurement of BMI BMA, 20 min. In only a few moments, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of your body's vital characteristics (the proportion of muscle, fat and water), which is then used to monitor improvement or create a uniquely tailored PT and Nutrition program that perfectly matches your needs.
  • 26x JAMNICA 0.75 Mineral water in the room for the guests

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