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Knee Clinic Dr. Frisee

Traumatological and orthopedic competence center for knee injuries

Airport: Vienna 26 km
Train station: 1,5 km


Heiligenstädterstraße 46-48, 1190 Vienna | +43 1 3000909

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The knee clinic of Dr. Frisee is located in noble 19th district of Vienna. It is just a short drive away from the historic city center. It can be easily reached by public and private transport.


Easy through life
A healthy, intact knee allows us to go easily through life. Every minor injury must be taken seriously and should be clarified in good time. The team of doctors at the knee clinic Dr. Frisee focuses on the long-term correction and regular care of all symptoms that occur in the knee joint.

Individual treatment concept
The treatment concept of the knee specialists is tailored to the individual lifestyle and the respective movement behaviour of the patient. Competent clarification and accurate diagnosis are the basis for the treatment of simple and complex knee injuries.

Pain-free therapy
The main concern of the knee specialists at the Dr. Frisee clinic is to ensure that all patients have pain-free therapy and therefore an increased quality of life. Thanks to cooperation with the Döbling private clinic, magnetic resonance (MRI), X-rays and ultrasound, as well as CT, are available promptly to clarify any possible injuries.

Range of services
Medical director OA Dr. med. univ. Florian Frisee specialises in arthroscopic knee surgery (meniscus, cruciate ligament) and knee prosthetics. He has over 20 years of experience in knee surgery and has performed thousands of surgical procedures. His areas of expertise include:

Meniscus surgery: partial meniscus resection, meniscal suture
Cartilage surgery: cartilage building treatment, cartilage replacement, microfracturing, cartilage alignment
Cruciate ligament surgery: cruciate ligament replacement with semitendinosus gracilis tendons, patellar tendon
Cruciate ligament revision Surgery: Rectus femoris tendon
Patellar tendonitis: conservative and surgical treatment of patellar tendonitis
Knee cap dislocation: knee cap dislocation (acute and chronic), reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament, Tibial Tubercle Transfer
Corrective osteotomy: legs straightening
Total knee endoprosthesis: artificial joint replacement

Spoken languages

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Medical Experts

Dr. OA Dr. med. univ.

Florian Frisee

Trauma surgery and sports traumatology specialist. Head of Arthros Medical Center Vienna and Knee Clinic
German English
Specialist for arthroscopic knee surgery (meniscus, cruciate ligament) and knee prosthetics with more than 20 years of experience and several thousands of surgical interventions.