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MedAustron Ion Therapy Center

Cancer treatment with Ion Therapy

Airport: Vienna 60 km
Train station: 3,6 km


Marie Curie-Strasse 5, 2700 Wiener Neustadt | +43 2622 26100

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MedAustron, the center for ion therapy and research is located in Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria, about 50 kilometers south of Vienna


MedAustron in Wiener Neustadt is one of the most cutting-edge centers for cancer treatment and research. It opens up new opportunities for fighting cancer diseases by treating patients with an innovative form of radiation therapy: the so-called Ion Beam or Particle Therapy. MedAustron is one of few synchrotron-based facilities worldwide to offer both, Proton- and Carbon-Ion Therapy.

Proton- and Carbon Ion Therapy is especially effective for treating tumors close to radiation sensitive organs, as it significantly reduces the radiation of the healthy tissue in front of the tumor, and almost completely spares the sensitive tissue behind the tumor. Therefore, side and long term effects can be reduced and the radiation dose for very aggressive tumors can be increased. MedAustron treats tumors which are resistant to conventional irradiation, have recurred after conventional radiotherapy or tumors in delicate anatomical structures. It is important to understand that Proton- and Carbon Ion therapy is indicated for primary tumors that are still localized (and have not yet spread or metastatized). It is a complementary form of cancer treatment and in general does not replace surgery or chemotherapy.

The most common indications treated at MedAustron include brain tumors, tumors of the skull base or the spinal cord, pediatric cancers and re-irradiations, furthermore also gastrointestinal tumors and prostate cancer. A comprehensive list of current indications can be found on the website.

At MedAustron, patients get outpatient treatment with daily irradiations over a period of several weeks.

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Medical Experts

Prof. Dr.

Eugen Hug

Medical Director and co-managing Director of MedAustron Ion Therapy Center
German English
An internationally acknowledged pioneer of particle therapy with over 25 years of clinical and scientific experience and author of numerous publications. His clinical specialization focuses on pediatric malignancies, skull base tumors and sarcomas.


Piero Fossati

Clinical and research director for carbon ion therapy at MedAustron Ion Therapy Center
German English
The main interest is in the clinical and radiobiological aspects of carbon ions and protons with a focus on the impact of different RBE models in clinical practice and on the specific need of clinical research methodology for particle therapy.

Priv.-Doz. Dr.

Petra Georg

Clinical director at MedAustron Particle Therapy Center
German English
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Petra Georg’s major clinical and scientific topics are image guided radiotherapy, adaptive treatment concepts and assessments of dose response relationships for late toxicities.She leads the clinical study office at MedAustron.