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Traditional Heviz Therapy

A fully comprehensive health assessment (like the Biofit Test or the thermographic examination) is offered to receive condition-specific health information.
from €588 per person/package
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  • basic therapy (5-14 nights): medical consultation and 6 treatments
  • small therapy (7-14 nights): medical consultation and 10 treatments
  • medium therapy (14-21 nights): medical consultation and 20 treatments
  • full therapy (from 21 nights): medical consultation and 30 treatments
Free stomatological consultation from Gelencsér Dental is included in all packages.

Packages include the followings: 

  • halfboard (rich breakfast and lunch or dinner buffet)
  • welcome drink
  • use of spa and wellness: outdoor activity pool, swimmingpool, thermal bath, sauna, aromatic sauna, steam bath, tepidarium, wellness pool, relaxing area
  • fitness room
  • bathrobe service
  • taking part on the active and preventive fitness- and sportprograms
  • parking
  • WIFI in the rooms
  • free dental eximation by Gelencsér Dental.

Treatments of the Hévíz therapy (according the medical consultation): medical massage, electrotherapy, underwater massage (tangentor), traction bath, therapeutic body exercise, carbonic acid bath, underwater carbonic acid bath, hydrogalvan, mud, flour-sulphur wraps, hydroxeur, electric tub bath
Bathing in the thermal water and the treatments used here are recommended in the following cases:
  • Rheumatological (musculoskeletal) diseases, all degenerative, sclerotic deformation (arthroses, problems of the vertebral column and of the system of ligaments and tendons and those
  • of small joints and discs – spondylosis, spondylarthrosis and discopathy)
  • Inflammatory diseases of the joints and the spinal column in a quiescent phase. (Arthritis, polyarthritis, e.g. RA, SPA, spondylarthritis (Bechterew’s disease). Diseases of such aetiology
  • are beneficially affected by balneotherapy at Hévíz only if the acute phase has already taken place. However, the symptoms of the acute joint diseases can be alleviated effectively.
  • Rheumatic disease of the connective tissue (diseases of muscles and tendons), “rheumatism of softer body parts”, Fibromyalgia
  • Secondary joint diseases, complaints involving joints which are associated with metabolic disorders (e.g., arthritis, diabetes)
  • Joint inflammations associated with skin diseases (e.g., joint and spinal changes associated with psoriasis)
  • Fractures, injuries resulting from accidents and condition after operations of motor organs (primarily fractures of extremities, Sports injuries) in a stage suitable for rehabilitation.
  • Chronic ailments affecting the peripheral nervous system, which can be traced back primarily to mechanical causes (e.g., ishyalgia, sciatica, polyneuropathy, paresis)
  • Pre- and post-treatment of joint operations, Prosthesis operation (TEP), the post-operative treatment of herniated disk and chronic gynaecological diseases

The balneotherapy at Hévíz is not recommended in the following cases: malignant tumours (The treatment is recommended 5 years after a successful operation), decompensated heart diseases, acute arthritic attacks, acute and chronic infectious diseases (e.g., TBC, hepatitis, etc.), leukaemia, other severe haematopoietic disease and severe anaemia and haemophilia, active ulcers (gastric and intestinal), renal insufficiency, sudden onset of fainting spells, chronic alcoholism and severe cirrhosis of the liver, exudative eczema and extensive wounds, the first six weeks after therapeutic x-ray treatment

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Further Medical Packages

Spine strengthening cure (from 7 nights)
It is an efficient help for those who have to sit a lot during their work, it improves the posture, develops the load capacity of body and spirit.
Body shaping package (from 7 nights)
It is an efficient help for those who want toned muscles, tighter skin and well-shaped body.
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