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Private Clinic Laßnitzhöhe

Airport: Graz 18 km
Train station: 500 m


Miglitzpromenade 18, 8301 Graz | +43 3133 2274

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As early as at the turn of the century, Laβnitzhöhe was famous as a health resort due to its location at a height of 600 m above sea level and due to its surrounding hills.
TheLaβnitzhöhe Private Clinic is located in the very centre of the townlet of Laβnitzhöhe surrounded by the wonderful nature with a beautiful view of the capital of the Federal State of Styria – the Town of Graz, the mountain scenery and further on the boundary with Slovenia.
Near the entrance to the area of the Clinic, there is a trade centre. In addition, there is a railway station within minutes of walking distance, which offers different traveling directions (services for delivery from the railway station of Laβnitzhöhe are possible).
Due to its location in the centre of one of the most beautiful regions of Austria, Laβnitzhöhe opens various sports and leisure possibilities for its visitors, for example, walks, Nordic Walking,  runs through, cycle routes and a 8-km pedestrian route "sebastian RELOADED ", which, furthermore, offers various physical exercises alfresco.


The main emphasis is placed on neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation here, the principal aims of which are to achieve performance efficiency, more complete independence in everyday life and general improvement in quality of patients’ life.
The quality is proved by the certification according to the Austrian Standard EN ISO 9001:2008 and by the award of an emblem of the Federal State of Styria to the Laβnitzhöhe Private Clinic.
All the personnel being employed in the Laβnitzhöhe Private Clinic is characterized by the qualities such as human attention and hospitality to the patients along with professionalism in optimum medical and rehabilitation treatment.
The total bed capacity is 227 beds (in single and double rooms), the total are is about 11000 m2 where spacious therapeutic rooms and a modern large indoor swimming pool create optimal conditions for rehabilitation and meet all the requirements of the modern clinic. 

Medical Equipment The  Laβnitzhöhe Private Clinic has the state-of-the-art equipment to implement rehabilitation therapeutic programs. It is worthwhile noting an advanced robot-simulator G-EO System recovering motor functions not only on a flat level surface but but also when going up stairs by simulating human motions. For today, the Laβnitzhöhe Private Clinic is the only hospital of Austria having such robot-simulator! Besides that, the Clinic has running machines with an equilibrium control function, advanced walking TV image analyzers, a motomed, a motoletto, an ergometer, Galileo and an extremities pulling table. To recover upper extremities, the ergotherapy equipment is available such as Bi Manu Track, Pablo, Amadeo, and Timo, and in 2013 a computer controlled device to accustom the brachial part has been put into practice.

Various computerized areas for diagnostics and therapeutic treatment of the cerebration disorder are in the possession of the department, which is engaged in human psychological processes. In case of disturbances or abnormalities and visual sense restriction, ray view programs are proposed to recover and to stimulate compensatory sense of vision. The electrotherapeutics uses up-to-date devices (pulsating modulation), a gentle laser, ultrasonic therapy and magnetotherapy, and a limfomat as well. 

Medical Indications

  • central and peripheral nervous system diseases (Parkinson, M.S., Polyneuritis)
  • conditions after stroke
  • conditions after spinal disc herniation
  • conditions after neurosurgical interventions
  • conditions after brain and neuraxis injuries and concussions

  • inflammatory and degenerative diseases of support and mobility apparatus
  • condition after operative interventions in support and mobility apparatus including condition after limb amputation, prosthetics
  • after-effects on support and mobility apparatus

Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation in Framework of Internal Medicine 

On request, the private hospital Laßnitzhöhe offers individually designed therapies for the following indications: 
  • Cardiological Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Metabolism Rehabilitation

Spoken languages

German English Russian
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