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HealthPi Medical Center - competent coordinator of individual medical programmes in the center of Vienna

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In the middle of the historical center of Vienna, a two-minute walk from the world famous St. Stefan's Cathedral, is located HealthPi Medical Center. High quality medical programmes will be tailor made for you according to your personal needs.
Medical center main goal - improve patients‘ health. Main specialisations: 
  • pain relief
  • metabolic regulation
  • help with stressful situations
  • sports medicine

What offers HealthPi Medical Center
The clinic has developed targeted medical programmes aimed at the prevention and outpatient rehabilitation of various diseases, including: 
  • osteoporosis;
  • spinal /back problems;
  • arthritis;
  • rheumatism;
  • orthopedic operations;
  • sports injuries;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • burn out;
  • obesity;
  • side effects of cancer therapy.

Each patient is offered an individual CheckUp package, which allows to fully examine the body and identify health problems at an early stage. The offers range from consultations with specialists and second opinions to a complete diagnosis and prescription of individual plans aimed at prevention or rehabilitation. Each individual package is coordinated by a team of center specialists and implemented by a group of experts within the clinic. This is fully consistent with the comprehensive concept of HealthPi.

Treatment Benefits at HealthPi Medical Center
The clinic has a three-step approach to patient care: 
  • consultations are conducted by top-class specialists, experts in their field;
  • a large selection of medical examination packages;
  • individual approach and selection of medical treatments.

Other advantages:
  • One-stop-service. The patient undergoes all diagnostics and receives all therapies in one place.
  • Equipment for diagnostics and rehabilitation fully complies with European standards.
  • Central location of the clinic. The cozy atmosphere encourages
  •  relaxation and healthiness.
  • Individual appointments are based on the personal expectations of the patient and his condition.
  • A combination of traditional and innovative treatments with an integrated approach.
HealthPi Medical Center - competent coordinator of individual medical programmes in the center of Vienna Save