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Respiratory diseases treatment programme

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Increasing air pollution and smoking have led to a high increase in respiratory diseases, mainly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary emphysema, and bronchial asthma in people with a predisposition for it (or worsening of asthma if it is already present). The programme is suitable for all those who live in cities with a high level of pollution, smokers and all those who wish to improve their breathing. Villa Park at Talaso Strunjan health resort has been specially equipped for asthmatics. The dust amount has been reduced to the lowest level possible, while all the rooms are equipped with oxygen.

A 7 day programme that may be prolonged is carried out at Talaso Strunjan health resort. It is led by an internal medicine specialist; the team also comprises a respiratory physiotherapist and nurses. At the beginning, a comprehensive clinical examination of the patient and a functional testing of the cardio-pulmonary system are performed, which include ECG, spirometry, assessment of the dyspnea level (shortness of breath) and exercise tolerance. A rehabilitation programme, which is adapted to the patient’s functional level, is prepared, including breathing exercises with the emphasis on diaphragmatic breathing, endurance exercises, inhalation therapy, percussion massage (taps on the back), vibration massage of the chest, position drainage and coughing-up techniques. An important part of the programme is familiarisation of the patients with the disease’s nature and correct administration of the medications. A hypoallergenic diet (containing food with very little allergens) and accommodation in suitable rooms at Villa Park with anti-allergy equipment for the patients with allergic bronchial asthma are available.

Package includes:
  • 7 nights in Hotel Svoboda 4* with halfboard
  • unlimited entrance to the therme
  • examination by specialist
  • 5x weekly group breathing exercises
  • 5x weekly inhalations
  • 3x weekly vibrating thorax massages
  • 6 x weekly morning exercises in the pool under the supervision of a physiotherapist

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